Frida Maria has worked as professional make-up artist and hair stylist since 1998 and in that time she has worked for several companies, directors and photographers, she has done make-up and hair in advertisements for all the Icelandic banks, insurance companies and other big Icelandic companies.

Frida Maria has also worked in tv commercials for companies such as Dentyne, Ikea, Vicks, Cheerios, Vodafone, Vaseline, Claritin, Icelandair, Iceland Express, Scottish Widow, VW Passat, Hunts, Kellogs, Sprite Zero, Mastercard, Nissan, Den Danske bank, Nestlé and many more.

Frida Maria has been key make-up artist in movies, tv series, theater, art projects, fashion shows and music videos.

Frida Maria studied fine arts in Iceland for three years and graduated in 1998. She also graduated the same year from Face Stockholm Make-up school in Reykjavik where she studied make-up for photographs and fashion.

She started working freelance the same year but the first years she also worked part time job at the National Theater in Iceland. The last six years she has worked only freelance, mostly for tv commercials and photographs. Frida Maria has a good reputation and surely is one of the most popular make-up artists and hair stylists in Iceland.


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